Mirror Mirror

It’s always interesting to see how the newest retelling of a fairy tale is going to turn out. Mirror Mirror was one of the more entertaining versions of the Snow White story that I’ve seen.

It always helps to have a convincing villain, and Julia Roberts was excellent as the wicked step-mother. I also liked the twist of where her magical powers came from. Also good was Nathan Lane as her “resident boot-licker.”

Lily Collins, as Snow White, did a good job of being able to seem both sweet, innocent, and tough all at the same time. And her relationship with the dwarves was entertaining, even if bordering on the ridiculous at times.

I enjoyed that the writers seemed to realize that fairy tales are a bit ridiculous, and went along with it. There were definitely cheesy moments, but they seemed played up and dealt with humorously instead of being taken too seriously. One thing that was jarring was the Bollywood-inspired dance number that ran during the credits. It didn’t fit with the rest of the movie, but it made me realize that a Bollywood version of Snow White could be a really good idea.