Wrath Of The Titans

The movie Wrath of the Titans picks up the story of Perseus a number of years after where Clash of the Titans left off. Since the mortals have stopped praying to the gods, they are losing their power and becoming mortal. Some of them decide they won’t abide this and make a pact to release the titans into the world. Perseus must step in to stop this from happening.

All of this is very far from the original mythological stories. About the only thing that is the same are the names and character traits of some of the people. It’s an entertaining story, but it’s certainly far from accurate. So if you enjoy the original stories, you might not enjoy this movie. I do like mythology, especially Ovid’s stories, but I still found Wrath of the Titans enjoyable. Much of my enjoyment, honestly, came from Bill Nighy as Hephaestus, the crippled smith-god and husband of Aphrodite.

The movie is really about the special effects, and they are well done. The story is a bit odd and tortured, but still generally enjoyable.

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