The Little Grey Cells

I like mysteries. When I was younger I read a lot of Agatha Christie’s stories, particularly the ones dealing with Hercule Poirot. What’s not to like about a quirky Belgium private detective with ridiculous mustaches?

My Grandma also liked mysteries, but she tended to watch TV shows more than reading them later in her life. So I started watching Poirot with her. Although Albert Finney as Poirot is good in Murder on the Orient Express, it is really David Suchet who embodies Poirot. He has the voice, mannerisms, mustaches, head-shape, and walk down well.

I forgot how much I enjoyed the show until I started watching some episodes recently. If you’ve never seen Poirot, you should check it out. It’s well-done, clever, and entertaining. And David Suchet is impeccable.