There Had To Be A Wood-chipper

After watching The Cabin in the Woods, I realized I should watch a movie that was recommended by a friend. It also falls in the horror category, or at least into  the horror-spoof category. The movie is Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010), and the tag line reads, “Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids.”

The movie is based on the idea of what can happen when people misread one another. Tucker and Dale are two “red-necks” who encounter a group of college students on vacation. The students immediately think they are creepy hillbillies, of course. The movie manages to turn the idea of creepy hillbillies on its head, and makes the rather pathetic college students the victims of their own stupidity.

Since Tucker and Dale vs Evil is mocking horror movies, there are a lot of gruesome deaths and fake gore. And, of course, there is a wood-chipper. Why not? The Coen brothers used one in Fargo. It’s an entertaining movie, one that manages to mock stereotypes and horror cliches while creating something funny in its own right.

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