The Three Stooges

I watched a lot of Three Stooges shorts when I was young. As with most people, my favorite stooge was Curly. When I saw they were making the movie The Three Stooges, my initial reaction was that it wasn’t going to be any good. After all, how can you improve on some of the original masters of slapstick?

I went to watch the movie with low expectations, and was agreeably surprised. The movie was much better than I had anticipated. In fact, it managed to showcase some pretty good slapstick humor without breaking into vulgar humor. The movie even had a decent storyline, which was something else I didn’t expect.

The new stooges look remarkably like the original stooges, and were even able to imitate some of the trademark characteristics of the original stooges. I was impressed by Will Sasso as Curly, and Chris Diamontopoulos’ mastering of Moe’s scowl. What is most surprising, in retrospect, is that I did not once recognize that Larry was played by Sean Hayes, probably best known as Jack from Will & Grace

The Three Stooges was a surprisingly entertaining movie, one that is okay to take older children to, unlike most modern comedies. Some more like that would be appreciated!