Theater Etiquette

Common sense theater etiquette doesn’t seem to be very common any longer, so I thought I would share what I think are some important rules of theater etiquette.

  • If you bring someone to a movie with you who doesn’t know anything about the plot, please don’t try to explain everything to them as the movie is running. It’s more interesting (and better for the others in the theater) to let them try to figure it out, and then discuss it with them after the movie’s over.
  • Try to obey the theater rules. These usually include not putting your feet on the seats and turning off your phones. Pretty simple.
  • Please throw away your garbage. The other theater-goers might not enjoy having to wade over your refuse as they leave.
  • Do not text during a movie. This is a relatively silent activity, but the screen on your phone lights up the area, and can be rather blinding in a dark theater. And anyone sitting in the same row or anywhere behind you will see it.
  • If you bring children to a movie, make sure it is appropriate for them. Taking young children to an R-rated movie is not a good idea. Also, please make sure your children stay in their seats, unless they are going to the restroom. A theater is not another type of playground.
  • Whatever else you do, please, please do not answer your cellphone, should it go off, and have a conversation during a movie. After all, cellphones were created as a convenience, not as a tool to inconvenience everyone in hearing distance.

Feel free to share any rules that you think are important if I didn’t mention them!

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  2. Justin

    What about playing Angry Birds during the sucky parts of the movie…like the entirety of the Twilight series?

  3. superchargedhobbit

    if you don’t like the twilight series, why pay for a ticket to go sit through the movies??

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