“All Creatures Grunt And Smell”

I know I wrote a post some time ago about James Herriot’s books and the TV show based on them, All Creatures Great and Small, but I think it merits a re-visitation.

I just watched the second season, and was reminded again how much I enjoy the show. One thing that is quite amazing, when one thinks about it, is that there are a lot of live animals on the show, and they show things like cows and sheep giving birth. They must have had film crews ready to go at a moment’s notice, because it’s not always easy to capture a moment like that on film! I found out that those involved with the show even referred to the show as All Creatures Grunt and Smell instead of All Creatures Great and Small.

I enjoy the show because of the animals, the scenery, the pace, and the characters. Siegfried Farnon is one of my favorite characters, possibly because he’s rather eccentric. He’s also played wonderfully well by Robert Hardy. Christopher Timothy also does an excellent James Herriot.

It’s a pleasant show, especially for anyone who enjoys animals, and the people who devote their lives to taking care of them.