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Quote Quiz 7.27.12 – ANSWERS

1. “Great police work, really brilliant! Why don’t they just put up a sign that says ‘Don’t come back!'” – Conklin, The Bourne Identity

2. “How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us? I sometimes think it is by using the work of others.” – Nelson Mandela, Invictus

3. “You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel – clucky? Well, do ya… punk?” – Bladebeak, Quest for Camelot

4. “It’s amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy.” – George, My Best Friend’s Wedding

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman has always been one of my favorite superheros, since he (along with Ironman) has to use other means of fighting than actual super powers. Batman uses training and technology, mostly, in his drive to ride Gotham of evil-doers.

I was wondering how Nolan would wrap up his Batman trilogy, since The Dark Knight Rises was billed as the “epic conclusion.” There were many rumors about the outcome, but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

One thing I noticed were the allusions to and use of themes from Dickens A Tale of Two Cities. It was an interesting and powerful idea, especially the illustration of what a modern-day French revolution might look like. Frightening and horrific.

The Dark Knight Rises is an example of what can be done to make a movie both an excellent action movie and a movie with plot and character development. The movie showcases many of the previous stars–obviously Bale as Wayne/Batman–but also Gary Oldman as Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred, and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Some excellent new additions were Anne Hathaway as Sabrina Kyle/Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer Blake, and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. And then, of course, there was Tom Hardy as Bane. He was the opposite kind of creepy from Ledger’s Joker–he was quiet and powerful instead of loquacious and sly.

The Dark Knight Rises was an excellent way to wrap up the trilogy. The conclusion was done well–it wasn’t sloppy, quick, or easy, but rather thoughtful and intriguing. It is well worth watching, even if you haven’t seen the others.

Quote Quiz 7.20.12 – ANSWERS

1. “She’s the psychiatrist, I’m the freakshow. Sorry, we usually wear nametags.” – Dr. Cal Lightman, Lie To Me

2. “I look like Snuggles’ accountant.” – Ted, Ted

3. “He turned the gun sideways! That’s a kill shot!” – Phil Foster, Date Night

4. “He’s been arrested a bunch of times. He pays no income taxes. He’s got two Doberman Pinschers. So let’s show him some respect, OK?” – Josh Kovacs, Tower Heist

Ice Age

It occurred to me at some point, when I was watching Ice Age: Continental Drift, that not only did they show most of the funny moments in the trailers, I also must have missed one of the installments along the way.

It wasn’t necessary for the plot of the newest Ice Age to have seen all of the others, though. All the same characters were there, with a few new ones. And, of course, Scrat. I’m actually getting tired of Scrat. Poor thing, isn’t he tired of being used as random comic relief?

Judging by the reactions of the children in the theater, this Ice Age will be just as popular as the others.


Quote Quiz 7.13.12 – ANSWERS

Oh no, Friday the 13th! Perhaps the quotes will be super scary this week!

1. “Thirty-eight of New York’s finest, versus one guy in a unitard.” – Captain Stacy, The Amazing Spider Man

2. “You’re a racist! You don’t like me ’cause I’m white!”  –  “I don’t like you because you’re gonna get me killed!” – John McClane and Zeus Carver, Die Hard: With a Vengeance

3. “I know you’re just a reporter, but you used to be a person, right?” – Alan Rittenhouse, Deep Impact

4. “I have reflected many times upon our rigid search. It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out. Like you say, inside out. Jonathan, in this way, I will always be along the side of your life. And you will always be along the side of mine.” – Alex, Everything is Illuminated

Another visit to the Abbey

I re-watched both seasons of Downton Abbey, and enjoyed it even more the second time around. What I find fascinating about the show is that everyone I’ve talked to that has watched it, likes it. I have not heard a single person say, “Oh yes, I watched it and couldn’t stand it.” I’m not saying there aren’t people like that out there, but I haven’t encountered any of them.

In fact, the appreciation for the show seems to have spread into every area. I know people who like it who watch shows like American Idol and others who only watch PBS shows. I applaud Julian Fellowes, the writer and producer of Downton Abbey, for coming up with a story line that is compelling and appealing to so many people.

If you haven’t yet watched the show, you should give it a try at your earliest convenience. If you have watched the show, feel free to share your opinions on it!

Rock-climbing, anyone?

I realized I didn’t post my usual quiz last Friday! With Independence Day falling in the middle of the week, the rest of the week seemed off somehow. I was also out camping over the weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to post anything.

However, I did find this video. I was rather mesmerized by it when I watched it. First of all, it was a real scorcher of a day when I first watched it, so I was enjoying the thought of crawling through ice. I don’t think, however, that I’d want to be in this man’s predicament!

The Amazing Spider-Man

I’ll admit that the first time I saw a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man I probably thought something along the lines of “Why are they doing another Spider-man movie?” I decided to give it a try, though, and I’m glad I did.
This version deals with a much younger Peter Parker, and explains more about why his parents aren’t in his life.  It also deals with how he gets and develops his powers in a more interesting way.
Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter, is more charming and vulnerable than the previous incarnations. The one who really surprised me, though, was Denis Leary as Captain Stacy. He was excellent. Emma Stone was good as Gwen, even though it’s weird to think that she’s much older than high school age.
The Amazing Spider-Man is probably the best of Spiderman movies so far. I’m actually glad there it appears there is more to come.

Andy Griffith

I watched a lot of Matlock with my Grandma. I’m pretty sure she also liked to watch The Andy Griffith Show. Both were pretty good quality TV shows, and far from a lot of the fare one can get today.

Andy Griffith died yesterday, but we can still watch his work, which is nice. What is also nice is that he remained a classy guy. Here is a short video of him being interviewed after receiving an award.