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Quote Quiz 8.31.12 – ANSWERS

The last quiz of August!

1. “How about this? How about if I go along? You won’t even know I’m there. I’m very good at being invisible.” – “As you so amply demonstrated for the rest of her life.” – Bryan and Lenore, Taken

2. “Magneto’s right: there is a war coming. Are you sure you’re on the right side?” – Wolverine, X-Men

3. “Yeah, everyone from work went to T.G.I. Friday’s, but I don’t really like that place. Or anyone I work with.” – Kit, Failure to Launch

4. ” I’m tellin’ you, man, every third blink is slower.” – “The ’60s weren’t good to you, were they?” Fillmore and Sarge, Cars

Hope Springs

 Hope Springs might seem like a typical romantic comedy, even though it has some atypical, older-than-average stars.

Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones portray a couple who have been married for over thirty years. The wife, Kay, decides she wants something more for their marriage, so she signs them up for a week of “intensive therapy.” Let the movies of hilarity and awkwardness begin!

One interesting thing Hope Springs does is illustrate that issues in marriages, while perhaps appearing to be caused by one person, in reality have their roots in the behavior of both people. The real surprise of the movie, however, is probably Steve Carell as the therapist, Dr. Feld. He’s an excellent actor, so I was curious to see how he would play a character that wasn’t driven by comedy. He nailed it. He sits in a chair for most of the movie, but still maintains the necessary gravitas and empathy for the character. Both Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep were excellent, but we shouldn’t expect any less from them.

Hope Springs was an engaging and enjoyable movie, sometimes painful in its realism. If you don’t get a chance to watch it in theaters, I recommend you watch it when it’s available on DVD.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run was written and co-directed by the main star, Dax Shepard, who has previously not had the main part in a big movie. He was surprisingly good, and able to hold up to the part and play it convincingly. He wasn’t even overpowered by Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks, which is saying something.

The plot of the movie is relatively predictable, but it is still funny. I think what makes it funny is that none of the characters are entirely stereotyped. They all have their own quirks, and that keeps the movie entertaining.

Hit and Run is certainly not a movie for everyone, since the language alone would offend some. However, it is funnier than a lot of recent comedies, and has a lot more stunt-driving than movies like Drive. It’s an enjoyable movie, but not a deep one. It’s fun to watch, if only because it seems the actors must have had a lot of fun filming the movie.

Quote Quiz 8.24.12 – ANSWERS

1. “Christmas is not ‘clothing optional’ this year – we have a guest.” – Sybil Stone, The Family Stone

2. “This used to be my room. This was the last place I remember being happy. And even then, I can barely remember it.” – Henry, Henry Poole Was Here

3. “Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called ‘See Who Can Be Quiet the Longest.'” –  “Cool! My mom loves that game!” – Carl and Russell, Up

4. “Fine. If you must ride, I insist you wear a coat. Even the sun is cold today.” – Dushan, The Last Station

Quote Quiz 8.17.12 – ANSWERS

1. “Mr. Anderson, welcome back. We missed you.” – Agent Smith, The Matrix Revolutions

2. “I just know this guy Jesse who bought this mansion that’s right up here and we wants me to come visit him, but I don’t want to stay very long. So I was thinking if you came too I could just say I have to take you home when I’m ready to go.” – Andrew Largeman,  Garden State

3. “My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?” – Cruella De Vil, 101 Dalmations

4. “Son, you don’t know me, so let me explain something. If I ever kill you, you will be awake and facing me, and you will be armed.” – Mal Reynolds, Firefly

5. “Some hooligan keeps disconnecting the alarm. I told Security to look into it. But no, no, they’d rather catch the guy who’s stealing organs from the transplant ward.” – Janitor, Scrubs

The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne series–both the movies and the books–have been popular for years now, so it’s no wonder that the powers that be decided to make some more movies.

I like the fact that the focus is shifted away from Bourne, to a new player, Aaron Cross (played by Jeremy Renner). This newest movie, The Bourne Legacy is perhaps the most interesting of the Bourne movies so far because viewers are dropped into the middle of the Cross story. It seems clear, as you watch the movie, that Cross has had moments of not wanted to participate in the program and moments where he’s broken the rules. He doesn’t seem surprised at all when the tables turn on him and he has to run for his life.

It perhaps doesn’t hurt that it’s been a shorter amount of time since Renner burst onto the scene in The Hurt Locker (he was in a lot of movies before that, but that one got him a lot of attention). Damon was good as Bourne, but Renner brings something new, and perhaps even more believable, to the plate.

It also seems evident that after making a few Aaron Cross movies, there will probably be a Bourne/Cross movie, which should be quite amazing, really.

The Bourne Legacy is an entertaining and quite thrilling movie, one that action enthusiast are sure to enjoy!


Quote Quiz 8.10.12 – ANSWERS

This has been such a busy weekend that I forgot to post my quiz at the usual time. Apologies!

1. “Puny god!” – Hulk, The Avengers

2. “Harry, you’re going to have to try and find a way of not expressing every feeling that you have, every moment that you have them.” – Sally, When Harry Met Sally

3. “The Navy Diver is not a fighting man, he is a salvage expert. If it is lost underwater, he finds it. If it’s sunk, he brings it up. If it’s in the way, he moves it. If he’s lucky, he will die young, 200 feet beneath the waves, for that is the closest he’ll ever get to being a hero.” Master Chief Sunday, Men of Honor

4. “I’d rather be smart than be an actor.” – Pinocchio, Pinocchio

Bad psychology in Breaking Bad?

I came across an interesting article about the show Breaking Bad. I stopped watching the show a while back, because I got too disgusted with many of the characters.

This article is interesting, though, and raises a point that I hadn’t thought about. Perhaps, however, it is one of the reasons the show felt ridiculous to me. Here is the link for any of you that are interested!

“That’s a lie.”

I have been a bit too busy recently to watch many movies (other than watching The Dark Knight Rises twice. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it!). Instead, I will watch an episode of a TV show inbetween DIY projects, work, and other activities. I’ve rediscovered the brilliance of the show Lie to Me. It’s my second-favorite TV show.

It’s an interesting premise and a wonderful cast. It’s worth checking out!