Quote Quiz 9.8.12 – ANSWERS

This has been a busy week, so this quote is a day late.

1. “Don’t make me throw this hummus… it’s spicy!” Neil, ParaNorman

2. “I can read! I can read! Ajax! This is Ajax!” – Henry, Regarding Henry

3. “God uses people like you, Lancelot. Because your heart is open. You hold nothing back. You give all of yourself.” – King Arthur, First Knight

4. “I know you work in the real world and you’re very good at it. But that’s work. Where do you live, Linus?” – Sabrina, Sabrina

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  1. Supercharged Hobbit

    1. ??
    2. ??
    3. Sean Connery (King Arthur) in First Knight talking to Richard Gere (Lancelot)
    4. Julia Ormond (Sabrina) in Sabrina talking to Harrison Ford (Linus Laraby) — one of my favorites, so you’ll never stump me when it comes to that one! ha ha ha

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