The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is yet another in a line of movies similar to Love Actually. Unlike most of the others, however, Marigold Hotel lives up to the standard of Love Actually.

Marigold Hotel deals with the problem of ageism and related issues, but it’s not a movie only for the elderly. I think it’s a funny, well-written story that anyone can enjoy. In fact, Dev Patel adds quite a whirlwind of action just by himself, and there are other younger characters as well.

Another nice thing about Marigold Hotel is the location. It shows what some would find hard to deal with as a tourist to India–the crowds, the noise, the filth–and with the beauties of India–the music, the scenery, and the people. It is a gem of a movie, one that is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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