Trouble With The Curve

When I heard about the movie Trouble with the Curve I was excited about watching it for two reasons: I generally like Clint Eastwood, and I genuinely love baseball. The movie did not disappoint. There were definitely predictable parts, but the story was well-told, so anything predictable fit in and enriched the story.

Trouble with the Curve is about a lot more than baseball. It’s also about family relationships and the conflict between working at a good job or working at a job you love. The writing is witty and cohesive, and the acting is excellent. Clint Eastwood is excellent as the old-style, anti-technology scout, Gus. But the real standout is probably Amy Adams as Gus’s daughter Mickey. John Goodman does a good job of portraying Gus’s long-suffering friend Pete, and Justin Timberlake is good as the new scout Johnny.

The pace of the movie might be a little slow for some people, but it seems to mirror the pace of many baseball games. There is a somewhat methodical pace, punctuated by moments of high tension and excitement, and yet the viewer’s interest and attention is held throughout the movie.

Trouble with the Curveis a thoroughly enjoyable, well-made movie, and I would recommend it to anyone, even someone who is not a baseball fan.