If people didn’t know the name Rian Johnson before, they will probably remember it from now on. He is the writer and director of the new action thriller Looper.

Looper is not a perfect movie, but it is a rather fascinating one. There are some moments when the story is confusing and the plot a little muddy. However, the premise is interesting, and the combination of action and violence is tempered with ethical dilemmas.

And the acting was good. Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt were great, and Jeff Daniels makes a superb villain, but the real stand-out role in the movie belongs to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, mostly because of his ability to emulate a young Bruce Willis. He gets the facial expressions and the voice so spot-on at moments that it becomes a little eerie, which adds to the depth of the movie.

Looper is a movie worth watching. Rian Johnson is someone to keep your eyes on, even if you’ve never heard of him before now.

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  1. Logan

    Johnson first got his name out there with a movie called Brick. It’s utterly brilliant. I had to watch it three times though to fully comprehend the plot.

  2. I did know he directed Brick, but I think Looper is more likely to get him wide-spread attention.
    I watched Brick once, but I think I do need to watch it again! 🙂

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