Pitch Perfect

There has recently been a slew of a cappella-related movies and TV shows, which is understandable because a cappella music is quite fascinating. Since there have been so many shows, though, some are bound to be better than others.

Pitch Perfect is one of the better musical-type movies I have seen. It is like Glee, only more grown-up. It is still silly and humorous, but there is less angst and more music.

It was nice to see that Anna Kendrick, who plays the main character, Beca, has been able to avoid being pigeon-holed after her work in the Twilight movies. Another bright spot was Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. She’s able to make a completely outrageous character mostly believable.

If you’re looking for a lighter movie, one that is humorous without being too vulgar, this is a good option. And the music is wonderful!