I recently watched Skins, the 2002 movie which should not be confused with the controversial TV show of the same name.

Skins is about two brothers, Rudy and Mogie, Sioux Indians who live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Rudy and Mogie are opposites in many ways–Rudy is part of the Tribal police force, while Mogie is an alcoholic. The movie does not shy away from the issues that exist on the Reservations, but uses the relationship between the brothers to illustrate the power of forgiveness and love.

Skins is at times brutal, and yet has wonderful moments of dark humor, usually from Mogie. It’s a movie worth watching, especially since the issues on the Reservations are ones that many people want to turn a blind eye to. Skins exposes the issues without asking for pity or blame, and shows what the Indian nations have had to endure. You should watch it.

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  1. In todays polittically correct world it’s hard to put negative issues in light for people to visualize without being refered to as racist, immoral or upsetting someone. Alcoholism in the native american culture is as old as prarie dust but no one wants to address it. As we know from recent events there are many other problems associated with alcohol abuse. Unemployment on reservations in South Dakota are some of the highest in our country and are overlooked by so many. Why isn’t this an election issue, because native americans are a forgotten people. It is much easier to sweep your problems under the rug so to speak then to face them. Put on a false face and pretend to care, then close the door when someone is there.

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