Rise Of The Guardians – Movie Review

Rise of the Guardians is a new DreamWorks movie that hit the theaters just in time to get people in the mood for Christmas. It is a story about legends–North (Santa), Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost–who have to join together to fight against the darkness and fear spread by the bogeyman Pitch.

It’s a relatively predictable story, but it has enough fresh touches and humor to make it enjoyable and entertaining. What I found particularly amusing is that North merely tolerates the help of the Elves, but the real work in the North Pole is done by Yetis. Also the Easter Bunny, with his Australian accent and ability to open tunnels anywhere, is pretty amusing.

Much of the story focuses on Jack Frost and his search for belonging. It’s also about the faith of children, and the ability to keep a sense of wonder. It is an entertaining movie, one that both parents and children can enjoy.