Warm Bodies – Movie Review

Warm Bodies is an adaptation of a novel of the same title, written by Isaac Marion. The plot-line could be summarized by saying it’s a modern-day Romeo and Juliet–with zombies. That makes it sound ridiculous movie, but it’s actually quite humorous.

Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie who can’t remember his life before being a zombie, but still clings to aspects of his humanity. He encounters Julie, and ends up saving her life. The movie may sound silly, but the writing is humorous and the story is rather unique.

An interesting aspect of Warm Bodies is the discussion of things that emphasize our humanity, things that R has mostly lost but still longs for. It’s not a movie for everyone–after all, some people don’t like zombie stories–but it was far more humorous and engaging than I thought it would be.

Warm Bodies was released in time for Valentine’s Day, and why not? Who needs to see a typical romantic comedy when there’s one with zombies to watch?