I enjoy baseball movies–sometimes even bad ones–so I was certainly willing to watch 42, which is about Jackie Robinson integrating professional baseball.

The movie could have easily become a sappy bio-pic, but it was well done. The acting and writing were good. It is a story about determination and courage, and illustrates quite well how trying it was for Jackie Robinson to remain professional in the face of vile discrimination and contempt.

Robinson could easily have sunk into despair and responded to the actions of some of the people he came up against. His ability to overcome such situations without publicly reacting is part of what made him a great person. And he was an exceptional baseball player, too. In fact, his base-stealing ability seemed to be a pretty good combination of speed and ability to mess with the other players.

42 is an excellent movie, and it’s about more than just baseball. It’s also about history and courage, and the power of faith and the durability of the human spirit. It would recommend this movie to anybody, even those who don’t like baseball.