Recent Movies

I have been remiss about updating lately. Once the weather turned nice, I began spending as much time as possible outside instead of doing other things. But with the rainy days recently, I’ve been able to catch up on a few things. I thought updating this should be one of them.

I am going to give a brief review of the movies I’ve watched recently.

Iron Man 3–While the movie received some negative reviews from critics, it was well-attended when I went, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I know I did. Tony Stark has some anxiety problems, due to “what happened in New York” (see Avengers). He has to work through them and track down a terrorist who calls himself Mandarin. Since it is an Iron Man movie, there is a lot of humor and action. It is an enjoyable movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness–The adventures of the brash James Kirk continue. He gets in a lot of trouble, finds ways to get out of trouble, and motivates his team. I heard a number of Trekkies complaining about how this movie was too similar to Wrath of Khan, but since I hadn’t seen that movie, I enjoyed Into Darkness. In fact, I have enjoyed the two new Star Trek movies more than any of the old ones I’ve watched. After all, they have managed to bring Leonard Nimoy into the new ones.

Now You See Me–This movie uses the concept of magic and illusion to keep viewers guessing until the big reveal at the end. That was the intention, anyway. Despite the fact that I had some major things figured out and was not surprised by the ending, I enjoyed the movie a lot. It showed both the slick, tricky side of magical illusions, and the psychology of tricking the mind into looking at the wrong thing. It was an interesting movie.