Doctor Who–TV Review

It’s official–I’ve become a Whovian. But, really, what’s not to like about an alien who can regenerate and (in one form) thinks bow ties are cool?

In a world gone a little mad–many people becoming more and more self-serving and narcissitic, or obsessed with narcissistic celebrities, it is refreshing to have a character who tries to live honorably and help others. The Doctor is an egotistical and flawed character, but he is still motivated by a desire to help people and show them the beauty of the universe.

It certainly helps that the show has a lot of wit, intelligence, and humor. I think, however, that one thing I like most about the character of the Doctor is his willingness to be an extreme individual–he stands out because he doesn’t mind standing out. He’s unique, and he attracts unique people who work with him. In a world obsessed with fitting in, it’s nice to have a hero who doesn’t care about such ridiculous things. After all, you never know when you’ll meet someone named Alonso, so you can say “Allons-y, Alonso!” And bow ties are cool.