Safe House

Denzel Washington just might be one of our best living actors. He’s not held down by genre or type-casting. He’s brilliant. And he shines in Safe House. He plays a rogue CIA agent, Tobin Frost, who is able to manipulate people and fight them off with hand-to-hand combat, often in the same scene.

It would have been easy to be overpowered by him, but Ryan Reynolds holds his own. He doesn’t over-act or make himself look better or tougher than his character is. Reynolds’ character, Matt Weston, is a CIA agent with no experience who gets tasked with keeping track of Frost. Of course, nothing works out as planned.

Safe House is a good thriller, showing the seedy underside of espionage, especially the need to mistrust everyone. It’s an engaging and entertaining movie. If you like action and thriller movies, you should watch this one, if only for Washington.

Unstoppable suspense

Tony Scott, who brought us movies like Man on Fire and Enemy of the State, is the director of the new movie Unstoppable.

Unstoppable is one of the better action movies I’ve seen recently.  I especially enjoyed that there was no “bad guy.”  Yes, the runaway train was personified as if it were evil at times, but that was mostly by the newscasters in the movie.

There were two things I particularly enjoyed about the movie.  The first one was that the relationship between the young conductor, Will, and the veteran engineer, Frank, was not overdone and made unrealistic.  Chris Pine and Denzel Washington were good as Will and Frank, respectively.  They were believable, which is important for the plot of the movie.

The second thing I really liked is that when the situation is resolved, the movie ends.  There is no unnecessary drawing out of the story.  It’s refreshing to see that directors are still willing–and able–to do this.

I would recommend Unstoppable as a movie nearly everyone could watch, and that those who like trains should watch.