And so the Castle grows

I watched three Castle episodes in a row yesterday, and discovered something.  Nathan Fillion as Castle becomes more endearing with time, while the lack of Stana Katic’s–Kate Beckett–acting skills becomes more noticeable with time.  She doesn’t enunciate, she often speaks in a monotone, and she’s frankly boring.  It’s a good thing Fillion is good, or the show would probably tank.

Castle building cases

One of my friends told me about the TV show Castle, insisting that I’d like it because it’s about a mystery writer, Rick Castle, who tags along with the police to get inspiration for his stories.

After watching a number of episodes–not necessarily in any order–I can say that I do quite enjoy the show.  Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle, is excellent.  Firefly fans love him, and so should everyone else!  Fillion is charming and witty as Castle.  Part of his charm comes from the fact that he’s a successful author (and he knows it), and yet he likes “slumming” with the police.  His enthusiasm borders on the juvenile, yet it is somehow endearing.

Stana Katic plays Kate Beckett, the lead detective of the team Castle follows around.  Katic isn’t as good as Fillion, but she plays the part well.  There are two detectives who work under her–Javier Esposito, played by Jon Huertas, and Kevin Ryan, played by Seamus Dever.  They make a good team, and contribute more humor to the show.

I find Castle to be an entertaining and light-hearted cop show.  It’s refreshing to watch an episode after watching something heavier, like an episode of Breaking Bad.