MI 4

After watching Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol I have the feeling that I should watch the original movie again. I liked the first one, loathed the second, and didn’t mind the third. The fourth, Ghost Protocol is one of the better, perhaps even better than the original movie.

I enjoyed the fact that the plot was less serpentine than the third movie. The stakes are higher than ever, though, so don’t imagine that the suspense is lower. In fact, the scene involving the Burj Khalifa tower had me cowering in my seat and resisting the urge to cover my eyes.

Simon Pegg as Benji–now a field agent–and Jeremy Renner as Brandt–the new guy–add a lot to the humor and interest of the movie. In fact, I find Pegg to be a far more versatile actor than, say, Ricky Gervais. And Renner has proven his worth in movies like The Hurt Locker and The Town.

I was pleased with Ghost Protocol. For those that enjoy the series, this movie should be another bright example of people setting their minds to do the impossible.

Ten reasons why…

…Simon Pegg is a good actor:

He’s got a charming British accent

He writes much of his own material

He is amusing even in movies that are not very good

He’s in Hot Fuzz

He’s in Shaun of the Dead

He was brilliant as Scotty in the new Star Trek

He can manage to be both charming and believable in his roles

He’s willing to abase himself for a laugh

He knows how to use a cricket bat

He can film a scene with Bill Nighy without cracking up